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The world of I PINCO PALLINO is full of red-headed and freckled girls and boys, carefree games and dreams. The girls’ dresses of the brand feature blooming roses, anemones and daisies, while boys’ costumes remind us of unclouded childhood. I PINCO PALLINO was founded by a married couple Imelde and Stefano Cavalieri who always felt passionate for children and childhood. The designers consider that the major concept of the trademark is respect for a child. Imelde and Stefano Cavalieri cooperate with children’s psychologists and use the acquired knowledge in their ingenious collections. They consider that it is intolerable to dress children like little adults, as childhood is an important stage in the life of every person and it should be spent in a childish way. The main requirement is the abundance of dreams and games.
Today, the brand produces several lines of kids’ clothes, footwear and accessories. One of the most popular collections of the brand is 1950 I PINCO PALLINO. This collection features several major topics. The line of boys’ clothes in a sailor’s style has always been popular with young fashionistas. Another key element of the 1950 I PINCO PALLINO collection is a flower theme. Various kinds of flowers may be found on dresses, skirts, hats and bags for little girls. 1950 I PINCO PALLINO contains comfortable kids’ clothes of a casual style intended for vacation and games.

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