The fashion brand ALBERTO FASCIANI follows a classic style exclusively. All kid’s shoes offered by the brand are manufactured according to an individual measure. Exactly for this reason, they are not only elegant and beautiful, but also practical and comfortable to wear. This is why this trademark is rightfully recognized and highly valued all over the world. An ideal combination of high quality and creative ideas is the basis of the original and unbelievably sophisticated style of ALBERTO FASCIANI footwear for children. The major concept of the brand’s founder is the following: “whoever wears my shoes or boots must feel at home with them from the very first moment, as if they had spent their whole lives in them.”
ALBERTO FASCIANI has a wonderful collection of stylish footwear for children. The whole philosophy of the brand’s founder lies in two words: quality and exploration. Using these concepts, the brand creates elegant and original style of children’s footwear. Every boot and every shoe by ALBERTO FASCIANI is a masterpiece that becomes an integral part of its wearer. Nowadays, this brand is considered to be an example of premium quality and comfort. Alberto Fasciani is one of those designers who make shoes with a good taste, immense talent and wide experience. The designer creates an unusual style demonstrating emotions and peculiarities of young children.

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