Anniel Enfant

Anniel Enfant is a multidisciplinary Italian company that produces high-quality children’s shoes, as well as the equipment for rhythmic and artistic gymnastics for children. More than 35 years Anniel Enfant produces ballet and gymnastics children’s shoes for small professional dancers! However, in 2000 the brand has decided to produce children’s shoes for everyday life, at the same time preserving the tradition and quality of production. Your child will for sure ‘fly’ around the city in such shoes! Anniel Enfant shoes are 100% made in Italy. This tendency is not often traced in today’s children shoes market. Talking the history of Anniel Enfant’ appearance, it is possible to mention that it has started in 1976 as a small family production of rhythmic and athletic shoes, including children ones. High quality control, development of user-friendly shoes and the desire to create modern fashion shoes allowed a small family business grow into a large shoe factory for manufacturing trendy and stylish children shoes. Cooperation with Japanese fashion shops allowed Anniel Enfant to become a brand with recognizable super-modern design. The success of Anniel Enfant children shoes was marked by European fashionable shops. Anniel Enfant is sold in the best shops in Paris, London, Milan and other industrial cities.

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