The textile empire of Mario Boselli was founded in 1586. The current designer of the brand, Mario Boselli greatly contributed to the development of the Italian fashion. His company manufactures elegant synthetic fabrics that are known as Jungle for Gianni Versace. Mario Boselli is widely known for his inimitable prints and intricate patterns. He admits that the patterns he creates are hard to copy as the printing process is quite costly. Mario Boselli also owns a leading fashion group in Italy, whose designers are trying to outsmart their counterfeiters. However, it is a difficult task and most of those designers fail to do that. Italy is considered to be the heart of the fashion industry, and Mario Boselli has made a significant contribution to its development.
AREA MARIO BOSELLI is a line of kid’s clothes designed by Mario Boselli. The products of the brand are characterized by high quality of fabrics as well as the abundance of prints and patterns that make the kid’s clothes by Mario Boselli look livelier. The goods produced by this brand are difficult to copy and imitate as they represent a unique combination of top quality and exclusive design. Numerous young customers all over the world absolutely adore the line AREA MARIO BOSELLI and prefer the trademark to all other fashion brands.

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