ARMANI means modern, fashionable and comfortable clothes. Giorgio Armani was acknowledged as the best Italian designer of kid’s clothes. His line of children’s wear is known as Armani Junior. The creative team of the brand follows the latest tendencies in fashion in every new collection of the brand. The designers never forget about comfort and coziness of kid’s wear. The production of the brand is dynamic, spiritually sportive and filled with lively and bright colors. It is stylish and fashionable, being inspired by the busy urban life and an aspiration for development. The kid’s line of the fashion house ARMANI means exclusive clothes made from the most luxurious fabrics of exceptional quality.
Armani Junior collection represents elegance, comfort, good taste and dynamism of lines and curves. This collection includes clothes for babies and children up to 16 years old. The trademark presents a wide assortment of kid’s clothes of various styles and designs. The trademark has everything for creating and maintaining a special style of a child starting from the early age. It has a collection of knitwear, linen, accessories and shoes as well as a wide choice of clothes with an “urban chic” design. Nowadays, ARMANI is one of the leading designer brands in the world, and it continues to develop and expand its variety of goods for children.

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