Babar is a popular brand of kids clothing and accessories. The company was founded in France and took its name from the popular French fictional character, Babar the Elephant. No wonder, the popular name had a strong back-up in the design of clothing, toys and accessories for children manufactured by the company. In fact, the company exploited abundantly the image of Babar the Elephant to enhance the association between the fictional character and clothing, toys and accessories designed and manufactured by the company. Such a combination contributed consistently to the marketing success of Babar in France but the company faced considerable difficulties because the image of Babar was less popular internationally, while the company attempted to expand its market and to enter other countries. In this regard, the original design, the use of natural materials only and the high quality of products of the company allowed Babar to take its place in the global market. Even though the company does not hold leading positions in the world fashion industry for kids, but still the company is popular among kids of different countries, especially in Europe. Moreover, today, consumers can buy Babar kids clothing, toys and accessories not only from retailers but also online.

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