Baby Zen

Baby Zen is one of the new but successful manufacturers of strollers. The company was established in France by five French doctors, who posed the challenge of designing and creating a new generation stroller and they have succeeded in this regard. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the founders of the company wanted to make strollers more practical, better looking, and just more attractive and fashionable for both kids and their parents. As a result, they worked hard on the design of strollers to create the new line of strollers destined for kids that match their physiological needs. In fact, today, Baby Zen manufactures three types of strollers: the ZEN full-size stroller, the YOGA all-in-one carrycot, and the YOYO the lightweight stroller. In such a way, the three types of strollers are destined for different occasions and conditions of using. The ZEN full size stroller is the most comfortable and functional stroller that allows carrying essential clothing, accessories and other things babies may need, when they are not at home. The YOGA all-in-one carrycot is destined for babies, who travel for a short distance and do not need a lot of items. Finally, the YOYO stroller is easy to carry and use, although its size is small.

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