Barcarola is a renowned fashion designer brand creating unique children clothing for special occasions. The company was established in Spain and aimed at designing original clothing for kids of different age. The company offered designer clothing for both girls and boys. Initially Barcarola started as one of the companies operating in Spain and soon took one of the leading positions in children fashion industry. The company became popular due to its kids clothing for special occasions, such as christening, birthday parties, weddings and others. The early success of the company in Spain allowed Barcarola to start its business internationally since the company had financial resources and experience in the children fashion industry to enter the EU market and keep growing further. Today, the company operates in many countries of the world, while its special occasion kids clothing is attractive for consumers worldwide. However, special occasion clothing for kids from Barcarola bear clear and traditional Spanish and European elements.  This is why the EU and American markets are the main markets for the company. Today, the company attempts to diversify its products and offer new kids clothing items but still the company preserves its style and devotedness to its traditions.

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