BREMA is a stylish Italian fashion brand. Its collections are now available in many countries all over the world. BREMA was founded in 1969. The name of this brand has been a synonym of Italian leather goods made in stunning combinations of colors. Nowadays, BREMA specializes in the production of clothes for adults and kids alike. A new creative director of the brand is Roberto Menichetti, who is widely known for his cooperation with numerous fashion brands with worldwide popularity. As a fashion designer brand, BREMA was founded in 2010. Since then, it has been gradually expanding its range of products, becoming more and more popular with young customers.
BREMA offers sportswear and casual clothes for children. Its collections remain focused on shape and fit of BREMA leather goods. The style of clothes produced by this brand represents a mixture of vintage and modern. Children wearing this brand’s clothes look fashionable and stylish disregarding the circumstances. BREMA clothes are also characterized by excellent quality of fabrics. It is certainly one of the strong points of this brand. The BREMA variety of children’s clothing is intended for kids of different age. You have a unique opportunity to choose some stylish clothing for your kids out of the BREMA collections of kid’s wear.

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