CAMILLA is a British designer brand with worldwide popularity. The creative designer of a famous fashion brand CAMILLA admits that shoes are more than just footwear, as they do not add to the image, but create it. The founder of the brand used to live and work as a designer of clothes in Dubai. And she found her vocation in the creation of hand-crafted shoes. In the course of time, she moved to London and established her own shoe trademark CAMILLA. In 2003, Camilla Skovgaard was awarded for her talent in shoe making. It is hard not to pay attention to the works of this designer. Although, her name appeared on the pages of fashion magazines not long ago, she was called the prototype of Manolo Blahnik.
The signature of the brand is creative platform soles. The kid’s collections of CAMILLA are characterized by not only an exclusive style, but also high quality, as the designer of the brand uses only premium-quality materials in the shoe making process. A characteristic feature of CAMILLA shoes is moderate colors. Kid’s shoes designed by this brand are available in black, grey, white and beige colors. Light open-toe sandals have unusual shapes which make them a true masterpiece. The best fashion stores of the world compete for the right to sell CAMILLA shoes. Today, there are over 200 fashion stores of CAMILLA in 33 countries of the world. You have a unique opportunity to purchase CAMILLA shoes for your children.

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