Casalino is a relatively new brand that has emerged as a part of the new trend in the development of the fashion industry, the trend to designing original, exclusive, haute couture clothing for kids. However, Casalino kids clothing is not exactly haute couture clothing. Instead, the company designs kids clothing that looks like haute couture but remains functional and easy to use and to wear. Remarkably, the company was founded just a few years ago but today the company operates successfully. Initially, Casalino was established in Italy but the successful marketing strategy and the popularity of the brand, which the company has gained soon after its foundation, contributed to the fast international market expansion. Today, Casalino operates not only in Italy but also in many countries of the EU, the US, Canada, in many Asian countries and other countries of the world. At the same time, the company tends to the diversification of its products. In this regard, the company has launched the production of furniture for kids, such as chairs, tables and others. In such a way, the company expands its market and offers consumers a larger choice of products for kids. Consumers can buy kids clothing and furniture from Casalino online.

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