CONTE OF FLORENCE is an Italian trademark that specializes in kid’s clothes of a sportive style. The brand has various lines of clothes and accessories. CONTE OF FLORENCE mainly produces warm clothes for adults and children. For 50 years of its existence in the fashion market, the company has become a beloved trademark of numerous fans of active lifestyle. All products of the brand are known for their perfect quality, functionality and impeccable outlook. The major distinctive feature of the brand is an ability to combine sportive design with aristocratic motives that distinguish this brand from its competitors. The company used to be a small fashion store that sold hats. It was opened by a young designer Romano Boretti in 1958. However, in a few years the store became a large industrial enterprise, and now this trademark is known all over the world.
Today, CONTE OF FLORENCE produces kids’ trousers, sweaters, jackets and other kinds of warm clothes. Every year, the company manufactures clothes that later become classics. The brand is widely recognized as a leader in production of warm clothes. The kids’ collections of CONTE OF FLORENCE impeccably combine perfect design and comfort. It makes the clothes not only a part of sports equipment, but also a stylish accessory. Nowadays, the company offers lines of kid’s clothes that include goods for sports as well as classic and comfortable clothes. It also produces cute hats, swimming suits and other accessories.

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