Corolle Dolls

Corolle Dolls is a popular and experienced brand designing and manufacturing dolls for kids of different age. The company was founded in France over 30 years ago. The company focused on designing dolls for kids and the primary concern of the company was to make dolls look like real. This philosophy persists in the company’s marketing strategy since Corolle Dolls keeps manufacturing dolls and designing new ones to make the as realistic as possible. To reach this goal, the company uses advanced materials and technologies to create dolls that do not just look like real but also feel like real. When kids touch such dolls, they feel that they are just like real ones. In fact, such policy has brought the company considerable benefits. Soon the company became one of the leaders among dolls manufacturers in France. By the late 1990s, the company launched an aggressive marketing strategy aiming at the fast international market expansion. In this regard, the company focused on European market first. In the course of several years, the company took a large share of the EU market and continued its international market expansion. Today, Corolle Dolls operates worldwide and consumers can buy its dolls online.

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