Dandy Star

Dandy Star is a renowned and respectable brand operating in the children fashion industry. The company was founded in the 1990s in the UK and launched its business successfully. The company was established as the family business first but as its operations grew and business expanded internationally, the company became an international corporation that currently operates not only in the UK but also in the EU, the US, Canada, Australia and other countries of the world. The company collaborates closely with popular fashionable print media, such as MILK or Vogue. The original design of kids clothing from Dandy Star makes it attractive for consumers and helps the company to keep growing fast. In this regard, the close collaboration with print media in the field of fashion helped the company to promote its products and brand and to create the positive reputation. As a result, consumers recognize Dandy Star as one of the leading children clothing brands in the world, which offers stylish clothing for boys and girls of different age. The company creates accessories which complement kids clothing. In such a way, Dandy Star attempts to offer new products and to keep growing worldwide. Consumers can buy Dandy Star’s products from retailers or online.

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