ETRO is one of the most famous brand names in the world of fashion. This Italian trademark of clothes personifies a laconic combination of classics, aristocratism and vintage in the best meaning of these words. The very sound of the brand’s name gives a feeling of wonder, and fashion fans immediately imagine fabulous prints and daring colors. In order to make life happier, it is important to make it colorful. This is an idea of Kean, who is one of the sons of the ETRO’s founder. And it perfectly characterizes the main line of this fashion house.
The history of the brand began from the production of luxurious fabrics in 1968. The founder of the brand, Girolamo Etro aimed at producing the best textile by using the high-quality natural materials including cotton, cashmere, flax and silk. Inimitable fabrics produced by ETRO still have a great demand among customers. They are also purchased by other famous fashion houses for their own collections. The brand has a fabulous collection of kids’ clothes. Just like all others, this collection is characterized by Oriental motives. Asian ornament is an invariable attribute of each ETRO collection of clothes. There are different interpretations of this style, which remains popular with children and adults alike. ETRO is one of the leading producers of fashionable clothes that are highly valued by fashion critics and customers.

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