GREVI represents a fashion brand specialized in the production of elegant hats of an ethnic style. The products of this Italian company are intended for energetic and elegant young people and children, who value first of all an individual style. Delicate technologies of production include traditional processes with the use of modern equipment. The necessary effects are achieved by the use of stripes and blurred spots. GREVI hats are made of the classic Italian materials, such as felt. However, these materials acquire a totally new look and every model is penetrated with innovative ideas on fashion. The major color of the offered collections is black. It is presented in a combination with beige and creamy shades. GREVI also has a fabulous collection of hats for children.
The kid’s collection consists of hats made of natural wool, acryl and polyamide. The first two materials represent a major element of children’s hats produced by the brand. The hats are also decorated with various fashionable details, such as light knitwear elements, pompons and some others. The collections of GREVI also include hats produced with the use of leather and fur. They represent a fashionable and stylish addition to every girl’s and boy’s wardrobe. Nowadays, GREVI is one of the most popular and successful producers of hats for children and young people. It continues to develop in this direction, expanding its assortment of goods.

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