GUY LAROCHE began its creative activity in the art of design in 1949. At that time, he only began to get acquainted with the world of design, but he was not sure if it was a kind of passion which he could devote all his life to. However, he soon understood that it was his real vocation. An energetic and extravagant French designer launched his own business only in 1957, when he understood that he wanted to have a possibility to realize his own designer ideas. He first opened the doors of a newly founded fashion house GUY LAROCHE in the heart of fashion, style and beauty – Paris. And his trademark was destined to have prominent future. In order to wear clothes offered by this talented designer, one should not be afraid to be in the center of attention.
Nowadays, GUY LAROCHE produces a wide spectrum of products for young people, including clothes, perfumery, watches, jewelry and accessories. All goods presented by this brand follow a single principle – a perfect combination of classic traditions and individuality with a special French chic. The collections of the brand offer clothes of bright colors, such as coral, pink and orange. They are characterized by unbelievably well-made tailoring and high-quality materials. The assortment of goods by GUY LAROCHE bristles with lovely details that would make the outfit of every young person livelier. The brand has long become one of the most admired and beloved trademarks that exist in the world of modern fashion.

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