Kid O

Kid O is a renowned and reputable company designing and manufacturing toys and games for kids. The company was established in the UK by Lisa Mohar, who has extensive experience in designing and creating toys for kids. Lisa Mohar decided to start her own business, when she found little effects from toys and games she bought for her child. She decided to use her experience to create new, original toys and games that will be interesting for kids. This is why, when Kid O started its business in the UK, the company attempted to offer original and interesting toys and games. However, the company’s philosophy focuses not only on evoking the deep interest of consumers to its products but also and mainly on learning. What is meant here is the fact that Kid O designs new toys and games that help children to learn while playing. In this regard, the company cooperates closely with psychologists. In fact, playing is a natural activity for kids. This is why the implementation of learning elements in toys and games created by Kid O allows kids to learn in the course of play. Today, consumers can buy Kid O’s toys and games online.

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