La Cuca

La Cuca is a new brand, which though grows fast. The company is a designer of children clothing and toys. La Cuca was established in Spain and has reached a considerable success due to its orientation on education of children. At first, the company focused on designing children clothing but, in face of the tight competition, La Cuca decided to launch the production of children toys and accessories. In addition, the company started the production of elements of children furniture which allowed La Cuca to expand its market substantially and to offer new, original products. In such a way, the company entered new segments of the market with a relatively low competitive power. At the same time, the company has managed to gain a tremendous success due to the design of toys and accessories that could be used to decorate kids’ rooms. At the moment, toys and accessories comprise a larger part of the total production of the company, while children clothing is the minor production line of La Cuca. Today, the company operates internationally and pays a particular attention to the EU and the US markets as the core markets for its products. Consumers can buy La Cuca’s products from retailers or order online.

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