La Petite Luce

La Petite Luce is a popular designer brand manufacturing children clothing. The company has an extensive experience and diverse collections of children clothing for kids of different age, both girls and boys. The company was established in France and its primary goal was to revive the traditional French clothing style for kids. At the same time, in its pursuit of authenticity, the company has created the retro clothing for kids, which incorporated old garment elements, which had little in common with the contemporary fashion. On the other hand, such devotedness to the retro style allowed the company to take a stronger position in the market because, while rivals competed in designing modern clothing for kids, La Petite Luce focused on the design of kids clothing which looked out fashioned but, in actuality, was different from clothing designed by any other company in the market. As a result, consumers have started to purchase the company’s products and often they bought kids clothing from La Petite Luce for special occasions, such as birthday parties or Christening. In the 2000s, the company has started to develop its online business and today its products are available to consumers online in virtually any part of the world.

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