Little Prince

Little Prince is the renowned and popular children clothing brand that operates successfully in the international market. Historically, the company was established in France. The name and the philosophy of the brand was inspired by the literary work “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. At the beginning, the company exploited the image of the Little Prince as a brand image and developed products that could make their fairytale for children come true. At the same time, the company paid a lot of attention to the design of its products and the original style of clothing designed by the command for kids of different age. In fact, the company has launched the production for kids virtually from first days of life, although clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers comprise the minor part of the total production of the company. Instead, the company designs original clothing for kids at the age of three and above. Today, the company manufactures such products as t-shirts, trousers, caps, hats, blouses, shirts, and other clothing items for kids. The company expands its business and today Little Prince develops its online business providing consumers with larger opportunities to purchase its products online from the official shop of the company.

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