LIU JO was founded by a famous Italian designer Marco Marchi and his brother in 1995. The clothes offered by the brand are produced of high-quality materials, mainly silk, wool and cotton, being decorated with rhinestones, beads and original prints. The first boutiques of the trademark were opened in Milan and Florence in 1999. And the brand immediately became extremely popular with Italian women and young girls, owing a wide assortment of clothes and their modern design. Nowadays, the company rapidly develops and has several lines of clothes and accessories, including LIU JEANS (knitwear and jeans for young girls) and LIU JO GIRL (children’s clothes). A youthful, determined and seducing style of the brand exceeds all bounds, conquering more and more fashion fans by its romanticism and femininity.
LIU JO means beautiful clothes and love for travelling, where your baggage would be dreams that come true. It took LIU JO only a few years to enter the national and international arena in the sphere of fashion. The kid’s line of clothes is characterized by a comfortable and functional style. The brand also has a line of accessories intended for kids and adults alike. The designers of LIU JO find inspiration in travelling and present avant-garde design that accompanies every new collection of the brand. Kid’s collections combine a wide variety of colors and styles. Among the fans of the brand are numerous celebrities.

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