Mackie is one of the popular and reputable brands operating in the children fashion industry. The company was established in the US but currently it operates internationally. The US remains the major market for Mackie, although the company operates successfully in Canada, the EU, Japan and many other countries of the world. In spite of relatively short history Mackie has reached a tremendous success due to the original style and attempts of leading designers of the company to create or to restore the authentic American style. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that the company uses jeans abundantly, although now the company pays more attention to the original and authentic design which combines traditional American elements and new fashionable trends used in children fashion as well as in the adult fashion industry. Such a blend of traditional and fashionable elements makes Mackie’s clothing unique and attractive for consumers, including both kids and their parents. Consumers enjoy buying stylish and original clothing from one of the leaders of the children fashion industry. Today, the company sells its products via a chain of stores and partner-stores. In addition, Mackie develops its online business to sell children clothing online.

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