NAFNAF is one of the largest European fashion brands that specialize in the production of women’s and girls’ clothes. It was founded in France in 1976. The company was named after a popular fairy-tale hero, as it was the nickname of the founder’s younger brother. NAFNAF was established by a pair of fashion designers Gerard and Patrick Pariente. Today, NAFNAF fashion boutiques are opened in over 50 countries of the world. Only in France, there are over 200 fashion stores of the brand. Gerard and Patrick Pariente have received an honorable and respectable award for their creative and daring ideas. Nowadays, the NAFNAF brand produces a great variety of different products that maintain popularity with young fashionistas.
The collections of the brand bristle with high-quality, stylish and fashionable clothes for active vacation and every day. NAFNAF also has a wide assortment of accessories for various occasions as well as a whole line of fabulous perfumery for young girls. The styles of clothes include casual, glamorous, official and everyday ones. The assortment of goods produced by the brand is diverse, bright and inimitable. Fashion stores of NAFNAF remain on the wave of popularity, and the brand continues to launch more and more collections of fashionable clothes and various other products for young girls.

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