Petitcollin is a unique factory that produces dolls. Uniqueness lays in the fact that Petitcollin is the last French factory of dolls, including babies dolls and doll bathers, which is still producing dolls in France at the moment. This is one of the most emblematic producers that continues the heritage of French manufacture of toys. And now all over the world all the fans of toys have a special attachment to Petitcollin. Petitcollin workshop has kept for the times and continues to maintain this art of hand-made. That means that all the dolls are made by hand at the factory and in the atmosphere where for a doll is given enough time, where nobody takes much care about the quantity. Owing to these major principles the company produces really high quality toys. Collection of the emblematic models of the past introduces you to the dolls with which you can play. All of them have authentic identity embodied in the idea of Petitcollin. Buy Petitcollin dolls for your child so that she could play with them, bass and dress them. The toys of the brand are not only beautiful, but also made of the high quality materials. Give your child the best emotions and buy Petitcollin toys.

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