RINGSPUN is an English brand of fashionable clothes intended for creative young people with a brightly expressed individuality. The brand gained popularity with customers due to the inimitable decorative elements, including unique prints and hand-made embroidery that may be found on T-shirts and sweatshirts produced by the brand. The children’s collection of RINGSPUN is characterized by daring tailoring and non-standard combinations of colors. The motto of the trademark is a strong desire to be original in fashion. The brand’s clothes are distinguished by the premium quality of fabrics and various other characteristic features that make this brand a leading producer of clothes and accessories for youth.
The founder of the brand is David Mellon who started his career of a fashion designer from the production of men’s clothes in 1999. The first line of men’s clothes was soon followed by women’s and kids’ collections of clothes and accessories. The popularity of the brand may be explained by its recognition among the stars of music and cinema. In 2007, the world of fashion saw the first long-awaited denim line of RINGSPUN clothes for young people. RINGSPUN is characterized by a great variety of original prints. The products of RINGSPUN still have an immense popularity with young customers all over the world. The clothes are intended for people of absolutely any age. RINGSPUN is for those who want to show the depths of their inner world.

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