Scapa Sports

In 1999, Scapa established Scapa Sports, which is a sports-casual collection aimed at the young, sportive and active to complete the more traditional Scapa clothing lines for women, men and children. Scapa Sports is an expression of a true love for sports, which is, and always has been, its inspiration – so the name of the label is not just an empty slogan. Sports elements are transferred onto their clothes, becoming their distinctive feature.
The label has become well-known worldwide, especially after signing a contract with the International Polo Federation in 2008 and being the official clothing supplier of the World Polo Championship 2008 in Mexico and the European Polo Championship 2008 in Hamburg. Today Scapa Sports is very popular among people who wish to see their kids dressed fashionably.
Children’s designer clothing comes in each form imaginable, from sportive jackets, skirts and T-shirts for girls, to fashionable jeans, hoodies, jumpers and T-shirts for boys. Baby designer clothes are available as well, so if you have more than one kid, the baby may be as fashionable as the siblings. If you are taking them out for some sportive occasion, Scapa Sports have designed a variety of garments that are eye-catching and easy to care for. So don’t miss your opportunity to buy Scapa Sports online and see your kids dressed like sports stars.

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