Sprout by Gro

Anette Nordrup is the designer and developer of the SPROUT collection. She started up with the children wear GRO company. It was called GRO which means GROW, because these designer clothes were created for all the children, who are so different, each one being a unique individual, yet they have one most important thing in common – they grow every day.
The new collection designed exclusively for girls is called SPROUT because that was its main idea – to plant new seed. The designer defines it as “a style made for the betweens” – which is not adult style and not children style, but something in between. Anette Nordrup says: “There is still a little girl inside of me, and I desired to make a line for all the wonderful girls in the world”.
Sprout by Gro is the name of clothes that little princesses are happy to wear and parents are happy to buy. All eco-textiles are certified, which guarantees the absence of harmful dyes and various additives in the process of their manufacture. Clothes remain bright and beautiful for a long period of time and do not wear out even after countless washings. Nowadays, the brand is very popular with the fashion lovers around the world and is distributed to numerous stores and boutiques worldwide. You can also buy Sprout by Gro online, so it’s very easy to make your girl’s dream come true to feel like a princess in a new designer dress.

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