SUPERGA is an Italian fashion brand that specializes mainly on the production of top-quality sports shoes that make our life comfortable. It all began in 1911, when Walter Martini started the production of shoes on rubber soles. This is considered to be the year of the brand’s foundation. SUPERGA designers use only natural materials such as leather, chamois, flax and textile. The brand offers a wide choice of colors and fabrics. Amazing sports shoes by SUPERGA are now popular with adults and kids all over the world, as they represent a combination of high quality, vintage motives, diverse colors and comfort. SUPERGA is for those who value active and energetic lifestyle.
The assortment of the brand’s products gradually expands. Now, it includes not only shoes on rubber soles, but many other types of sports footwear, such as volcanic rubber shoes. It was in 1970s that the company first introduced a range of sports footwear to the world of fashion. From that time on, sports shoes remain the major type of footwear produced by the SUPERGA brand. Nowadays, the trademark presents a wide variety of leather models of shoes as well as rubber boots. Adults and kids will be surprised to find a wide choice of colors and fabrics. SUPERGA is also known for the bright and memorable prints on its footwear. SUPERGA means fashionable footwear for the whole family.

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