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Acne/Tuss is a new brand in the children fashion industry. The company operates successfully in the EU and many other countries of the world. Acne/Tuss is the blend of two renowned Swedish brands, Acne and Tuss. The two companies united their efforts to create original products and provide children clothing for consumers worldwide. Historically, Acne and Tuss were rivals in Sweden but the rapidly changing business environment and the growing competition in international markets forced both companies to unite their efforts and to create the new brand, Acne/Tuss, which became the main driver of changes within both companies. The unification of two renowned brands contributed to the considerable enhancement of the position of the new brand in international markets. The company has managed to increase its market share consistently, while consumers benefited from the new products and original style developed by designers of both companies. As a result, children clothing designed by Acne/Tuss became different from the clothing manufactured by either brand. Instead, the new brand took the best from either company and started the new clothing production for kids of different age. In addition, the company moved online to get closer to its consumers, who can buy Acne/Tuss kids clothing online.

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