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The French company AIGLE produces waterproof footwear and clothing for children associated with the term “outdoors”, meaning that it is for hiking, skiing, mountaineering, sailing, horseback riding, hunting and fishing. These clothes and shoes for children and adults can be worn in the city and during traveling out of town. It was AIGLE that invented safari jackets and vests for reporters with lots of pockets. To buy Aigle online is very easy, as you just need to go to their website and make an order.

The history of this brand started in 1850 when Hiram Hutchinson bought the patent from Charles Goodyear, and began producing children waterproof shoes. In 1853, waterproof clothing for kids was needed by 90% of the rural population of France. Hutchinson patented the brand L `Aigle, naming it after the eagle – the bird that symbolized America. In the 20th century the company Aigle began to work. First the company began producing raincoats for the Parisians, then started to work for the sports market producing sneakers and tennis kids shoes. In 1968 the company produced over 10 million pairs per year. In 2005, after celebrating the 152th anniversary, the company made re-branding of Aigle. Today Aigle has 189 stores worldwide, 64 of them are located in France, 17 in Europe and 108 in Asia. To buy Aigle shoes and clothes online is also possible.

Aigle Style is a comfortable sports style. The quality of waterproof material allows wearing Aigle clothes and shoes for children in all weathers.

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