And& Kids Clothes

And& Kids Clothes

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Children clothing “And&” is nice to wear and easy to choose. Each collection of kids clothes is designed in accordance with international standards.
Due to the constancy of the size range to choose the model that fits a child is easy! Table of clothing sizes ” And&” is on each package.
The company reacts rapidly to emerging high-tech materials with improved properties, and tries to implement them as quickly as possible in the manufacture of clothing for children.
Much attention of “And&” is paid to the materials of natural fibers. In tailoring clothes for babies, as a rule, the company uses 100% cotton. This material is well-breathable, easily absorbs and releases moisture, does not accumulate static electricity. All children enjoy wearing colorful and comfortable kids clothes “And&”.
The clothes for children of 3-7 years old often consist of jerseys s / w fabric with 5% of lycra content. Lycra increases the durability and stability of a material to external influences; the clothes for children with added Lycra is less rumpled. To buy “And&” clothes online is also possible, and you just need to visit the website of the brand.
Along with cotton knitted fabrics the designers use textile cotton, wool, blended and synthetic fabrics in children clothing. Knitted range is made from semi-woolen and cotton yarn. All these fabrics make clothes for babies comfortable and nice. To buy such clothes online is very easy in any part of the world.

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