Armani Junior Kids Accessories

Armani Junior Kids Accessories

Buy Armani Junior Kids Accessories

Armani Junior is children’s clothes and accessories of “luxury” class created by the famous Italian designer Giorgio Armani. The children’s brand Armani Junior was launched in 1986. Later, there were three lines of clothes for children of different ages:

Armani Baby – 0 to 2 years;

Armani Junior – 2 to 8 years;

Armani Teen – 8 to 16 years.

The clothes from Armani Junior Collection looks like an adult one. These clothes are full of restraint, brevity and elegance. Clothing style can be described as “urban chic”.

Most collections of children’s clothes Armani Junior present both, fashion clothes for special occasions and durable comfortable clothing for every day. Each item is decorated with a brand logo in the form of a soaring eagle.

Armani Junior is stylish clothing for children of all ages, corresponding to the latest fashion trends. The range of children clothes Armani Junior includes clothing for babies and older children: sweaters, jackets, overalls, warm coats and, of course, stylish jeans.

The color palette of Armani Junior is presented in the traditional colors of the fashion house Armani: classic black, navy blue, gray, red.
Accessories of this brand perfectly complement the brand image of girls and boys, emphasizing individual style. Armani Junior is an elegant children’s clothing of high quality, designed for children who want to be as fashionable as their parents.

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