Buying Clothing and “Cost per Wear”

If you buy children designer clothing just because its on sale but your kids never wear it, it’s not really a bargain. Spend more on kids clothing it you know they are going to wear the item more often. Think of the cost per wear.” It you buy a $200 coat and your daughter wears it almost every winter day, your cost per wear is much lower than if you buy a $25 coat and wear it once.
Many smart shoppers know that it is more important to have fewer good-quality pieces of clothing than a closet full of poorly made clothing. Here are some things to look for in good-quality designer children clothing:

  • Patterns and stripes should match and line up everywhere on the garment.
  • Seams should be secure; check this by grabbing the fabric on either side of a scam and pulling it taut.
  • The fabric should keep its shape even alter you grab it, bunch it, and let it out.
  • The clothing should be the correct size and not show any pulling of the fabric or tight spots—that’s a sign the items panels were not sewed together correctly.

Buy clothing that is classic rather than trendy. You will get much more use out of a nicely made pair of pants than the latest skirt in a wild print. Also keep in mind that accessories, such as jewelry, can really change an outfit—and buying accessories is usually much less expensive than buying new pieces of clothing. You can also check out consignment stores. These are stores where people sell their new or gently used clothing. You can find an affordable outfit that is not only up-to-date but also, in many cases, hardly worn. An online auction site can also have a great selection, but make sure there are plenty of pictures and sizing information provided before you bid.
You can save money by making sure you are buying clothes in the correct size and making sure you really like a piece of clothing before you buy it. People with ADD are less likely than others to return an item either because they cannot find the receipt or do not want to take the time and effort to return it.

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