Charabia Children Clothes

Charabia Children Clothes

Buy Charabia Children Clothes

The brand Charabia was created in France in 1992. The company provides products in the following sectors: children clothes, kids` accessories and gift sets.

It also designs the clothes for infants. The birth of a child is an extraordinary, shining moment that requires a special approach to the choice of gift. Charabia offers a wide range of stylish and useful things: bibs, brush, comb sets, soft toys, handbags, and cosmetics for children, blankets and toys and other clothes for children.

Charabia designs beautiful children’s clothing. The collection of clothes for children from 2 to 12 years old was created with innovation, simplicity and elegance. The older girls can easily find what is really suitable for everyday style and for parties: summer lightweight clothes, romantic details – all these creates an image of the princess. Boys also have a great choice of kids` clothes: in the collections of children’s clothing the classic style perfectly blends with fashion know-how. All products are manufactured in France. Charabia creates unusual models that bright true delight wearing quality clothing made in unique style!

Charabia is famous for often production of new models of clothes for children. Since the summer of 2004 Charabia launched a dress that children can paint and erase themselves without any fear! Sewn from cotton, with printed black colors, it can be worn as long as child wants. Along with this dress Charabia offers a handbag with three indelible magic marker – green, magenta and fluorescent pink. Coloration was an innovative game that amuses parents and children. To see this item and other children clothes online is very easy.

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