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Cherie Shoes was founded by brothers Delio and Angelo Giustozzi in 1967. They were able to create a successful company that started producing children’s shoes under the brand names Cherie Shoes, 4 Kids Sports Cherie, Charduc, Wallkids. Two generations of the family with whom they shared their success helped to create a company that became the laureate of «Line d’Oro» in 1976. This prize is awarded to Italian companies that have had a significant impact on the European fashion, and set high quality standards.

All models are Cherie Shoes children footwear are designed in the department of the company, which is predicting and anticipating fashion trends, combines style and modern technical requirements for the kids` shoe, resulting in achieving the best results. The children’s exclusive footwear, manufactured under the brand Cherie Shoes, is distinguished by classical style, suitable for formal occasions, and the embodiment of designer’s soul, creating a collection 4 Kids Sport Cherie.
Italy dictates fashion trends and offers a wide selection of products conforming to these trends. How to make the right choice of Italian children shoes? Listen to yourself and decide what you really like. To see all models of shoes for kids is possible on the website of the brand

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