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Country kids Wear

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Country Kids is a famous company that produces socks and tights for kids. It was established in 1983 in United Kingdom where it still has its head office. Country Kids present over 40 different styles and 60 various colors in their collections of children socks. The collections of this brand include Organic Cotton Tights, Patterned tights, Bridesmaid & Special Occasion tights & socks, Christening socks,
Footless Tights & Capri’s, Baby Socks & Tights and a huge range of socks for boys. Country Kids attracts not only with bright colors of the socks and tights, but with their high quality.
There are many reasons why parents choose Country Kids for their children. The thing is that the brand provides available choice of colors in the solid cotton tights. Producing the tights and socks for children, the company uses pre-dyed yarns, meaning even spread of color and no streaking.
The manufactures of Country Kids use Non-Reactive dyes technologies, meaning that the tights and socks for children hold their color wash after washes. If to buy Country Kids socks online, they will be delivered within 48 hours after request. Country Kids has easily recognized brand label which is sold in the best childrenswear shops and stores all over the world.

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