Cuquito Children Shoes

Cuquito Children Shoes

See Cuquito Children Shoes Collection

Cuquito works on the market of kids` shoes since 2000. It always has available the complete model number and size of shoes, which is sold in different stores all over the world. Parents can check the catalog and select children’s shoes for every season: shoes, loafers, sneakers, sandals, and rubber boots, felt boots, etc.

Children’s shoes under the brand name Cuquito are sold in different countries all over the world. The brand makes shoes for children of all ages – from preschool to adolescence. Manufacturing the shoes for kids Cuquito uses leather and polymeric materials that provide durability and comfort to footwear. In order to develop new collections company involves domestic and foreign designers. Children’s shoes are made at factories Cuquito in Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Italy and China.

The website of Cuquito offers to use the service of backup product. If parents decided to replenish the collection of children’s shoes, for a particular season, they can order the catalog for children’s footwear in advance. For example, in the summer, when the factories are working on winter shoe collection, they can make Cuquito an order for shipment of goods to the cold season. To make order in advance is possible online.

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