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Darcy Brown Kids Clothes

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Darcy Brown is a famous brand of children clothes that was created by a man and wife team (Mike and Clare Brown) in 2003. It happened after following long careers at the Walt Disney Company and the birth of their lovely daughter Darcy. The first collection of Darcy Brown was presented in 2003 at Premier Kids.
The aim of Darcy Brown is to create good quality simple clothes for children in order them to look like children. When parents choose the clothes for children they don’t want to loose the innocence of image of their child. Darcy Brown creates the clothes for kids that is not covered with various labels or logos which are seen on every other child.
Darcy Brown children clothes are made taking into consideration the opinions and wishes of mothers and daily needs. The designers of the brand believe that there is no need to sacrifice style for practicality, and that is the reason why all their children clothes can be washed at 30C.
The intention of Darcy Brown is to produce timeless, high quality, classically stylish children’s clothes for sensible prices. Darcy Brown uses high quality beautiful European fabrics that are designed in classic cuts. Darcy Brown is unique brand as it offers kids` clothes for everyday and special occasions.

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