D&G junior Children Clothes

D&G junior Children Clothes

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D & G Junior is the world of urban gloss, modern eclectic, reflecting the rapidly changing world of children clothes. This style, which offers free vision and bold interpretation of its era, and, stepping beyond the boundaries of fashion, becomes a way of life, which is unique and easily recognizable.
D & G Junior is a luxury brand, founded by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana who have come to the issue of children’s clothes D & G Junior seriously and thoroughly. When launching a clothes line for children under 13 years, the designers realized that they had to beat themselves, because the clothes for children should be not only beautiful, but above all comfortable, practical and safe. The design of clothes for kids has an amazing quality, chaste restraint and good taste. Natural fabrics that are used in kids` clothes manufacture are of the highest quality and include cashmere, linen, and of course, cotton. Another advantage of the stylish clothes for kids is that every thing is presented in rich and vibrant colors. D & G Junior remains faithful to the ideals of “adult” D & G, with a focus on playing with styles. Children line D & G Junior follows the main trends of adult collections. All novelty of D & G Junior can be found on the website. To buy D & G Junior is very easy from any part of the world

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