Diesel Children Clothes

Diesel Children Clothes

Buy Diesel Children Clothes

Diesel is an innovative, international company offering a wide range of jeans, clothing (especially jeans), lingerie and accessories for children and adults. Diesel was one of the first who experimented with new styles, fabrics, manufacturing methods and introduced strict quality control. The brand of children clothes Diesel operates in 80 countries.
The brand of children’s clothes Diesel was created by Renzo Rosso in 1978. In 1985 he launched the first campaign “For success in life.” Similar events continued until 1991 and immediately established a reputation as the innovator brand Diesel in marketing. The first major shops of kids` clothes Diesel appeared in 1996 in New York, Rome and London.
Diesel was one of the first brands of jeans, casual wear that passed away from established trends in fashion. Retaining its original concept, in recent years Diesel has also become a manufacturer of casual wear of extra class, and became recognized as a serious competitor brand of children clothes. Continuously attracting new fans from all around the world, Diesel has evolved and became known far beyond the quiet hills of the area Rumor in Northern Italy, where the company’s central office is. Despite impressive growth, the concept of the children’s clothes manufacturer remains the same as in 1978: the passion, individuality, and self-expression. Today, Diesel continues to go its own way and create comfortable and nice clothes for children

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