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Children’s clothesline Dior was founded in 1967 on the Avenue Montaigne, Paris 28. The first collection of kids` clothes was created specifically for the children of Princess Grace of Monaco. Grace made clothes Dior for her daughter Caroline first and then for the rest of her children. That is how she promoted children’s clothing in the world of high fashion, making it an attribute of high-end consumer.
Children’s clothes Baby Dior fashion house inherits the tradition of “Dior”: the cut, corporate colors, the style, but most importantly is that each collection has a lot of Dior “character” mascots, such as stars, seals, bears, ribbons, logo, CD, pea, prints and other decorations for children clothes.
Baby Dior produces two collections of children clothes per year for children aged 0-2 years and from 2 to 12 years. The seasonal collection usually has up to 300 models of kids` clothes designed for every day, and for special moments in the life of a child. Each thematic area produced 15 kinds of products, which include shoes, clothes, accessories, toys.
Baby Dior fashion house presented a new collection of Baby Dior clothes for children fall-winter 2011-2012.The collection was created in the tradition of Dior-luxury, modernity and maximum elegance.
For girls this season Baby Dior kids` clothes fashion house offers very elegant and feminine outfits that resemble dresses of princesses. Luxurious fabrics and delicate tones of the original elements emphasize gracefulness of little beauties. Boys Dior clothes are classic: elegant jackets, sweaters, and jackets that will allow them to feel like real men

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