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Djeco Kids Toys

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Founded in 1954, Djeco specializes in developing games, toys and kits for creativity.
The French company Djeco over 50 years makes children and adults happy with its educational games, fun toys, colorful sets for creativity. Djeco toys for children are focused on aesthetic education and the development of a sense of beauty in the child. More than 30 designers are involved in creation of Djeco toys. Toys for children made by Djeco are also tested by psychologists. More than a year passes since the birth of the idea and its sale.
All toys for children made by this Djeco are aimed primarily at the creative development of children and contribute to the aesthetic education of toddlers and older children. Since more than 30 designers are participating in the development of these masterpieces, each child’s toy is made unique.
In its activities the company DJECO identifies three areas.
1. DJECO – Toys and Games
This series is the basis for developing games for children. Aimed at the development of fine motor skills, tactile and creative approach to solving any problems, this series is unique in its completeness presented in its games and toys for kids.
2. DJECO – Creativity
This series of children toys includes kits for the creative work for children aged 3 to 14 years. It include coloring with sets of watercolor, gouache, pencils, markers, stencils and stamps sets and much more.
3. DJECO – Decor
This series of children toys presents jewelry and accessories for decorating children’s rooms. Children toys can be used to decorate a room with pretty pendants – mobiles or labels that that does not spoil the wallpaper

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