Elodie Details Children Clothes

Elodie Details Children Clothes

Buy Elodie Details Children Clothes

The brand Elodie Details was founded in Stockholm in 2005. As a brand, it tends to create an atmosphere of importance in the details, and tries to make our everyday life more beautiful and fun. The designers of Elodie Details are sure that the personal style is not a question of age, but is the combination of form and functionality.
The beauty of Elodie Details is that parents can try any product, any children clothes from the collection in absolutely any color: starting from the holder nipple and ending with an envelope for children.
Elodie Details was founded seven years ago, but the people who created the company and who are working for it, know a lot about clothes for kids! The company Elodie Details, which has become one of the most remarkable in its industry, focuses on the uniqueness of style – it is no accident that it is named after a little girl named Elodie, almost unique in her charm. Well, the high quality children clothes, its functionality and reliability, of course, can not be questioned!
The products for children made by Elodie Details can be divided into two big parts: items for a walk and means for feeding a child. Clothes for children are also produces by Elodie Details. To see all products of Elodie Details online is possible on its official website

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