Ewers Kids Socks

Ewers Kids Socks

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Ewers is a German brand that started to produce socks for kids in 1866. Now it works all over Europe through 50 sales man and 21 agents.
If to ask any mother, what kind of kids clothing is the object of their most careful attention, the answer would be a surprise for many. It is not a coat, jacket or children’s pajamas, but the most common children’s socks and tights, kids are on their feet most of the time and it is not surprising, because kids can not spend even a minute without moving.
The socks Ewers have an attractive price and such an important parameter as wear resistance, which is another reserve family budget. Parents and those, who buy children clothes, among which are tights and socks in bulk for the store, explained that to achieve such high rates was due to optimal high-density weave, and the additional sealing heels, contributing to a substantial increase in the period of practical wearing, which is especially important for active and mobile children. Socks for children play a very important role, so they should be of high quality.
It is important for children’s tights to have an easy step seam without traumatizing the delicate and sensitive skin of the child, and used in our company advanced technology of domestic knitting gives the product a very neat appearance. When you buy Ewers children clothes on a wholesale, there is a wide choice of children clothes across the range, and for all ages – from birth to 12 years, and the entire product range is always in stock, and the size is not limited.

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