Falke Childrren Clothes

Falke Childrren Clothes

Buy Falke Childrren Clothes

The oldest German brand of children clothes Falke is represented in over 30 countries worldwide. Proved itself as a manufacturer of high-quality apparel for children, as well as lingerie, hosiery and kids clothes for sports, Falke has a leading position among world producers. Founded in 1895 by the German industrialist Franz Falke, the brand knows all about how to make children clothes fashionable, stylish and comfortable.
The basic concept of the brand Falke is a mix of old German traditions of children clothing with innovative new technologies. Nowadays Falke releases a wide range of trendy, stylish clothing for kids, which includes casual wear made of high quality knitwear and sportswear. In addition, Falke has a wide range of different products hosiery, underwear, including seamless use of technology. Also, a separate line of thermal underwear is available for recreation and extreme sports.
In design of sportswear for children Falke uses only the latest modern principles. The first principle is the physiology of clothing for kids, clothing that is most closely matches the needs of the body in sports. The second principle for children clothing is that it is necessary to maintain climate control of the body (temperature and humidity). And the third principle is to make the optimal degree of protection and support of the body. So these things in children clothes are perfect for any sports activities

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