Fashion designer Aimee Wilder

Aimee-WilderAimee Wilder is a new but popular brand. The company was founded by Aimee Wilder, a renowned fashion designer, who graduated from the School of the Art in Chicago in 2001. Since the beginning of her career, she has been interested in fashion, especially children fashion. At first, she collaborated with renowned fashion companies and designers, but eventually she decided to create the company of her own under her name. The new brand was founded in 2009 in the US, where Aimee lived and worked. The original style of Aimee Wilder is vulnerable to the influence of the contemporary graphic art and the design world. She attempts to take advanced ideas and adopt it according to her vision of children fashion. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that Aimee Wilder is the head designer and artistic director of her company, while products designed and manufactured by her company include shoes, clothing and accessories for kids of different age. The company keeps growing today and attempts to enter new markets diversifying its products. Aimee Wilder is always interested in experiments and changes. Many of her works are daring but always comfortable and attractive for children and their parents.

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