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Fendi Kids Clothes

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The history of the famous children clothes brand Fendi started with the small shop for sewing leather goods. It was founded in 1925 in Rome, by spouses Eduardo and Adele Fendi. Their products, all children clothes they produce are primarily distinguished by high quality and unique style, and were so immensely popular among the local population.
The Fendi business prospered and in 1932 the couple opened the shop of Fendi furs. In 1965 the leading fashion designer of Fendi was by Karl Lagerfeld, who has done the heavy and bulky coats soft and airy. With each new collection Fendi surprised the audience and became increasingly popular.
Nowadays the popular brand of adult and children clothes Fendi is owned by concern LVMH and has offices in many European countries. There are more than 100 single-brand boutiques of Fendi adult and kid’s clothes all over the world.
All parents are sure that if their child has at least one thing from Fendi, – he will not go unnoticed! This fashion house competently and skillfully combines the strength and tenderness, color and shape, balance. Fendi clothing or accessories for kids have always attracted and fascinated by their refinement, discreet style and an interesting format

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