Fitz Kitz Shoes

Fitz Kitz Shoes

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Fitz Kitz is one of the best Spanish manufactures of children shoes. The kids` shoes collections are always bright and unique. Children and parents all over the world buy Fitz Kitz Shoes as they are colorful, comfortable and affordable.
The last collection of Fitz Kitz shoes present lightweight canvas t-bar shoes in different colors with a nicely scented and flexible rubber sole. All children shoes made by Fitz Kitz Shoes are machine washable. Parents easily can wash children shoes using wool programme, 30*C (remove insoles). All Fitz Kitz shoes are easily fasten with simple poppers, and have a ‘Fitz Kitz’ tag on the side. In some kinds of kids` shoes a pair of softly padded, leather insoles are included for comfort for a child.
Children like Fitz Kitz shoes, since they have two sets of soft insoles, so kids can easily customize the fit just right for themselves. Parents usually start with both insoles on child`s shoes, and later start using only one as the child’s feet grow.
All children shoes produced by Fitz Kitz are made of high quality natural materials that make the feet of a child feel comfortable and safe. The combination of different materials and colors in children`s shoes allows to wear them in everyday life and for special occasions.

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