Five most stylish strollers

A baby stroller bag should be safe, comfortable and functional – everyone agrees upon these three base values, but modern fashion designers suggest adding one more, considering it also to be quite important. It should be stylish, as we believe that good taste should be cultivated since early childhood. The Italian Fendi fashion house came up with a vision of the pram design for the Inglesina manufacturer. Each pram bears a legendary F-letter-shaped logo. It is not the first time the Italian fashion house is cooperating with another company while designing products for children. It has already done so in 2008, cooperating with Japanese Aprica brand, presenting a selection of baby products including baby prams. Marc Jacobs has also designed an exclusive baby pram for the well-known Bugaboo brand – a black one decorated with numerous «Love Marc» prints.

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YOUNG VERSACE stroller black

Fendi strollerstroller bag

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